I just finished a Steven Universe water color picture!  Its one of Sapphire and Ruby <3 you guys should totally check it out and tell me what you think!  More updated pictures coming up, as well as some new sketches!  Will be posting more shortly.  Love you guys :*




Very Excited!!!

2015-05-23 03:48:20 by xoxogarnet

Hello everyone!  I am excited to be joining the Newgrounds family and i cannot wait to post art for you all!  :)

At the moment i don't have any decent way to get my art onto the computer to where i can do either major touch ups or just draw the entire piece digitally.  I will hopefully be getting some cool tech soon!  So in the meantime I have posted some begining sketches for you guys to see and comment on so i can improve, know what to draw next, etc.

Can't wait to get some feedback!

XOXO Garnet!